The future trend of FOSJOAS electric self-balancing scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-21

The whole market for scooter is keeping a high momentum these days. Many famous large scooter-maker has cropped up overnight. In the market, FOSJOAS, as one of these firms, represents a new trend of development of scooter. FOSJOAS is from Moben Global Inc., which was set up in the year of 2010. As for the whole sector, not only for FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle, they run up against the bottleneck now. A massive obstacle to the innovation of the whole sector is on all scooter-makers.


Compared with the private car, the bicycle and the electricity-assisted scooter, FOSJOAS electric scooter is super light, weighing 14 kg. One can carry it onto the bus or the metro with ease. He also could put it into the boot of his private car for outdoors. However, the weight is still too much for the female. Some fragile and delicate female can’t be bothered to carry it. Hence, FOSJOAS electric scooter is in a dire need for weight loss by refinement. It is wise to lose weight by renew motor and the materials of shell.


FOSJOAS V3 and V6 can cover as much as 20 km on a full charge, and FOSJOAS V9 and K3 cover a far distance still, 40 km give or take. The top range of 20 km seems sufficient for V3 or V6, for it merely serves the end of entertainment. However, the range of 40 km is far from meeting the demand for long locomotion, for V9 or K3 self-balancing unicycle aims to be treated as a personal transport. The short range brings about another issue, i.e. frequent charge. This is indeed a bother. If more powerful batter core is introduced in, the situation will absolutely turn around.

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FOSJOAS scooters are powered by electricity power. This is a kind of clean energy. And the supply of electricity is quite common and convenient. In the future, the power energy is left a lot to be desired. It is understandably believed that the solar power will be applied to FOSJOAS scooter.