FOSJOAS Electric Self-balancing Scooter: Create a Brand New Way of Transportation

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-25

With the promotion of electric unicycle, it has been well applied to the daily commutation and common recreation. Due to its rapid development, there are so many brands of electric scooters, among which FOSJOAS undoubtedly beats other brands for its simple operation and powerful performance. FOSJOAS electric scooter is bound to unlock a new way of transportation.

FOSJOAS self-balancing scooter is designed according to the principles of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system. Controlled by the built-in intelligent chip, it achieves self-balancing just like a gyroscope with adjustment of gravity center. While riding such a vehicle, users can just put their feet on the standing board and move their body so as to steer it. To march forward, they should slightly lean forward and to stop, they shall lean backward. If they want to turn around, they should lean to the right or left. The greater degree of leaning will result in faster speed. Thus, they shall keep control of their body so that they can truly enjoy riding the transport.

fosjoas electric one wheel scooter

Apart from simple operational manner of FOSJOAS intelligent scooter, it is also rather environmentally friendly. Since it is powered by electricity, it adopts the batteries of good quality from Sony. For FOSJOAS, it is rather important to ensure the safety of consumers from every detail of the products. Batteries of this kind have a longer lifespan than others, which is also much safer and more reliable. Besides, the process of recharging only takes about one hour and a half, saving a lot of time for users. As a fruit of high technology and human concern, it can save not only time but also energy. For one hundred miles, it only consumes one kWh. Seen from this, it is much more energy-saving than other products.

FOSJOAS electric one wheel, featuring convenience and eco-friendliness, is bound to create a new manner of transportation for consumers.