With FOSJOAS Smart Self-balancing Scooter For the Trip

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-25

Whether on the way to work or on a journey to some distant places, people have to pass long time alone. The stereotyped skyscrapers could not relieve the fatigue of daily commuters and the daily journey seems like a torture. Now, try FOSJOAS self-balancing electric scooter V9. With a professional set of audio equipment, it could play the most beautiful music and be the perfect seasoning for a boring journey.

Intelligent scooter fans might have already heard about the smart V9. It is a classic type among all FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooters. It is designed with a wild Lamborghini style and has been rated as the greenest vehicle for short-distance commuting.

fosjoas V9 two wheel balance scooter

FOSJOAS V9 is equipped with a big display screen, which could show the dump energy, current speed and temperature. The handlebar could be dissembled from the main scooter body. It could be separately replaced or upgraded. The main body frame of V9 is produced by the leading magnesium alloy foundry technology. Magnesium alloy is an environmentally friendly material, which is recyclable. Compared to other materials, it is lighter and tougher, with high temperature, corrosion and fatigue resistance. The 21st century material is wildly applied to automobile industry, electronic industry and aerospace areas. The selection of magnesium for V9 accords with the low-carbon and green feature of intelligent self-balancing scooter and makes it light-weighted for users to move around.

FOSJOAS V9 two-wheel electric scooters is installed with a Hi-Fi audio equipment. It could be simply connected to a smart phone by wireless device. The Hi-Fi system ensures supreme playing of all audio formats and takes the surround sound effect to an even higher level. Imagine that when the daily commuting routine is accompanied by music, people could get relaxed and refreshed to embrace a day’s toil. V9 will bring along a cozy commuting time.

V9 is a sauce to the monotony of urban life. Call on some friends and embark on a musical journey to the countryside on a FOSJOAS V9.