Warehouse Traveling Tool, Fosjoas Self-balance Electric Unicycle V6 Goes Farther

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-27

Warehouses usually takes up large areas and it takes one or two hours for warehouse administrators to make an inspection tour of the whole warehouse which is tiring and costs too much time. As a result, a travel tool which is portable, environmentally-friendly is needed. Fosjoas V6 can meet all the demands above since it is the electric unicycle without gas or gasoline. It is safer for administrators to ride since some warehouses storing inflammable and explosive materials, the motor bicycle is of potential dangers. Fosjoas is the most suitable travel tool.

Quick charging helps the self-balancing electric scooter travel farther. It takes 120 minutes for Fosjoas V6 to charge fully. It is unnecessary for riders to wait for too long. Once charged fully, the scooter can travel for for over 20 miles or an hour. That is to say, riders can travel around the warehouse for one day after one full charging. The speed limit mechanism also improves the safety of Fosjoas V6. V6 will not travel too fast or turn over suddenly due to those protections.

fosjoas v6 self balancing one wheel electric scooter

The design of no handle of Fosjoas V6 also meets the demand of traveling in the warehouse. The administrators can use their hands to carry some goods directly which is a both safe and fast way to work. High load burden weight ensures Fosjoas V6 to carry goods while traveling powerfully. Fosjoas V6 can carry 120 Kgs which meets the demands of carrying most sizes of goods.

The upgraded pedal with larger contact area can hold the rider steadily. It is easier for riders to learn how to ride the scooter. The edge of each pedal is of round sharp, so no scratches will be made on the riders once Fosjoas V6 turns over or comes across accidents.

With these features, Fosjoas V6 one-wheel scooter is the most suitable travel tool for warehouse travel. With the electric scooter, the worker can find goods easily without wasting time.