FOSJOAS Electric Intelligent Scooter K3 Lets the Ride Easier

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-07

The year of 2015 has witness the revolutionary breakthrough made by Moben Global Inc. In this year, Moben Global Inc. rolled out the two-wheeled intelligent scooter FOSJOAS V9. FOSJOAS V9 is innovative and revolutionary for the reason of its two-wheeled hub system. When Moben Global Inc. received the avalanche of positive feedback about FOSJOAS V9 from millions of end users, Moben Global Inc. decided to release another modified version of V9, that is, FOSJOAS U3. The two models of two-wheel electric scooters marked the milestone in the history of the whole sector.

Moben Global Inc. made such massive achievements, but it is not the whole story. With such roaring success, Moben Global Inc. never stops its progress and its R & D. Shortly afterwards, Moben Global Inc. rolled out another model that took the whole industry aback. The released model was FOSJOAS sitting-posture intelligent scooter K3. It once again pushed back the frontiers of science of scooter. The original sitting-posture mode came as an eye-opener to the masses. The previous models are standing-posture mode. For instance V3 and V6 own the pedals on which the rider stand when whizzes about. And FOSJOAS V9 and U3 is equipped with the standing board, but the rider cannot sit on FOSJOAS V9 or U3. This time, a leather-made saddle is mounted on FOSJOAS K3, which gave the viewers a fresh impression.


When it comes to the long trip, most scooter-lovers consider it as laborious because it is an effort to stand on the electric scooter for a long time at stretch. Although the battery mounted on FOSJOAS scooter is sufficient to support a long trip, the long trip remains a problem. The riders always feel fatigued after a long trip. The arrival of FOSJOAS K3 two-wheel electric unicycle turned around the situation. The rider could sit on the saddle of FOSJOAS K3 and go for a long trip. He will no longer feel fatigued.