FOSJOAS One-wheeled Scooter V6 is Complementary to V3

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-07

So far, Moben Global Inc. rolled out a series of FOSJOAS electric self-balancing scooters. Of these scooters, the twin-, two- and single scooters are fairly teaching on to the public. The three kind of electric self-balancing scooters nearly dominate the whole market. The two-wheeled scooter differs from the other two models a great deal, whereas the two other models have much in common. They share the same frame and design. Even they travel at the same top speed and boast the same technology. Is either redundant? Absolutely not.

FOSJOAS V6 exemplifies the electric one wheel and FOSJOAS V3 the twin-wheeled scooter. They complement each other in performance and uniqueness.

FOSJOAS V6, as the representative of the single-wheeled intelligent scooters, embodies the core characteristics of the single-wheeled scooter. FOSJOAS V6 owns the excellent agility. Especially when it is to turns, it is able to turn quickly and smoothly without any hitch. Once one is riding skill reach a higher level, he has to try FOSJOAS V6 for testing his skill. Whether he is able to ride FOSJOAS V6 becomes a telling criterion for riding skill. Therefore, FOSJOAS V6 is the favourite of those highly skilled scooter-lovers. That is why they see is as the classic one. Of course, some common scooter-lovers of moderate riding skill shy away from FOSJOAS V6.

Fosjoas V3 two wheel self balancing scooter

FOSJOAS scooter is not the patent of those highly skilled scooter-lovers, but also belongs to some common scooter-lovers. In order to let the common players ride FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooters, Moben Global Inc. released the twin-wheeled scooters like V3. This kind of scooter is equipped with the twin-wheeled hub system, which provides the better ability to keep balance. This offers a good convenience to the end users. They can ride FOSJOAS scooter like the veteran players from now on.

It is easy to feel that FOSJOAS V6 electric unicycle cannot go without FOSJOAS V3. FOSJOAS V3 is an essential complement to FOSJOAS V6.