Fosjoas V5, a Newly Popular Transport for Sport in Campus

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-17

Paul is an undergraduate who loves sport like skidding of the wheel. Paul takes part in the skidding club which organizes practices twice a week. However, with the popularity of skidding, the club is hot and full of club members. The practice twice a week becomes a competition since everyone wants to get the guidance of coach. Paul is bored of this and decides to change into another club. Which sport is as interesting as skidding and is newly popular at the same time? The poster of self-balancing unicycle heaves into his sight. Paul walks into the club for details.

The electric scooter club consists of the loyal customers of Fosjoas, a well-known electric scooter brand, who loves riding Fosjoas and extreme sports. They help Paul choose Fosjoas V 5 which is easier to operate. The self-balancing electric scooter is of light weight, so it is convenient for Paul to take it to the dormitory in case of being stolen. Besides, the body of Fosjoas V5 is made up with Nano resin material,to resist falling or sudden turnover. Pa can exercise with Fosjoas V 5 without worrying the body will be broken.

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The pedals of two-wheel electric scooters are also upgraded with larger contact area. Paul can stand on it more steadily. The edge of pedals is round to prevent scratches of riders. Those designs play a role as protection suit, and riders are not likely to be hurt or get injuries seriously in some unpredictable accidents. Fosjoas V5 also sets up protection mechanism which includes speed over protection, turnover protection and low battery protection. Paul can do some extreme postures on the scooter without the potential dangers as over speed or sudden turnover. Fosjoas can ensures the safety to the most extent.

Paul gets great fun in the new club, and he determines to ride Fosjoas V5 not only for fun, but for the purpose of protecting environment.