How to Ride a Fosjoas Self-balancing Electric Unicycle?

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-21

Owing to the one-wheel scooter structure, many people may think it is so difficult to learn riding the unicycles. In fact, if one knows the ropes, it is so easy. How to ride a Fosjoas unicycle well? There are five steps:

Turn the power on
Grasp the handle of the Fosjoas electric unicycle, put it straight on the ground, unfold the two pedals and press the power button. If the light on the monitor turns green, the unicycle is running fine. If the light turns red, please don't try to ride.

Try to stand
Stand with one foot on the center of corresponding pedal. Then the rider can shift the body center of gravity to the foot. Stand up and use the foot on the pedal to control the balance of Fosjoas single-wheeled scooter. And the legs must be close to the soft rubber of the shell. It is required that the leg, foot and unicycle must become a stable triangular support. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to shift the center of gravity to the Fosjoas electric unicycle.

Move forward
The rider steps on the pedal slightly forward with one foot. After pushing the other foot, the unicycle will move forward for 3 to 5 meters. While cycling, the rider has to keep balance of body and the intelligent unicycle.

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Most beginners turn the one-wheeled scooters by twisting their bodies. In fact, it's better to turn by adjustments of stepping strength. Through constant practice, riders can reach the expected effect of turning.

Cycling safety
The power of Fosjoas electric unicycles is limited. When the cycling data beyonds the limit, the rider may fall down from the unicycle.

See, it is easier to learn riding Fosjoas electric one wheel than riders think.