Small Fosjoas Electric One Wheel Scooter V6 Takes People To The Big World

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-29

Abstract: Although Fosjoas V6 is a single wheel to some extent, it symbolizes a new attitude towards the life, that is, even the ordinary people can do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Only with positive mindset, there will be a superb panorama of the world!

Some people choose to use footprints to record the beautiful world they see, some people feel like browsing the scenery in different kinds of cars, while there is a group of people who like to see the world by definite different way, they have a common name called Fosjoas V6 one-wheel scooter lover.

Fosjoas electric scooter V6 gives people the impression of a single wheel at first sight. The answer is sort of, but not really. Actually, the shape design of Fosjoas V6 is based on an ordinary wheel, which can be a small part of common traffic tools such as bikes or cars, but the function of V6 is not limited to be the component of any vehicle, it is a vehicle itself. After the improvement with high technology and wisdom of developers, self-balance unicycle V6 owns the perfect intelligent system, through which it can keep balance automatically on turns and slopes to ensure easier steering experience, at the same time, riding safety of riders gets protection.

v6 one-wheel electric unicycle

The battery mounted on Fosjoas unicycle V6 is original Japan-made lithium battery core that features 1,800 recharge times, when compared to other ordinary lithium batteries, it shows better life expectancy and duration, the characteristics of no-burning and no-explosion lay a solid foundation of high quality battery.

Riding Fosjoas electric one wheel scooter V6 is not just trying new things, it stands for a new living attitude. Some people think that they live the normal lives and have no chance and no ability to make great contributions to the society, however, the existence of V6 tells people that, nobody can get great achievements, just like the small unicycle can ease the traffic pressure. Just ride V6 to experience wonderful world.