What If Electricity of Fosjoas Electric Unicycle is Replaced by Solar Energy?

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-10-09

When it comes to the driving power for nowadays transports, gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas and electricity are widely adopted. With the fast developing of transportation, energy crisis becomes more and more serious with each passing day. In recent years, intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle, brand-new transports, are growing vigorously and their only driving power is electricity. Fosjoas, the leading brand in intelligent self-balancing electric scooter sector, assumes boldly: what if electricity is replaced by solar energy?

Compared with other energies, like gasoline and diesel oil, electricity enjoys lots of advantages. First of all, electricity is eco-friendly, because it is zero-emission. In these years, the air is badly polluted by exhausts. Electricity, as the driving power, is helpful to protect the air. In the meantime, Fosjoas electric scooters belong to energy-saving products. The practical test shows that they only cost 1 or 2KWH per 100km.

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However, the fast-developing science and technology aims at benefiting people. Currently, although the application of solar energy is limited, its huge energy induces people to rack their brains to find a way to make the best use of it. Fosjoas R&D team tries its best to make new technological breakthroughs and applying solar energy is one of important research subjects. On the one hand, solar energy is easy to get. Even in cloudy and rainy days, solar energy still exists. In other words, if solar energy is applied to Fosjoas self-balancing scooters, they can be charged anytime and anywhere. On the other hand, solar energy is inexhaustible. It will always exist provided the planet exists. Besides, the present battery-powered Fosjoas electric scooters have restricted range and the maximum range is just 50km. Then, another advantage if Fosjoas electric scooters adopt solar energy is unlimited range. At that time, Fosjoas self-balancing electric unicycle can cover all travel demands whatever they are long-distance or short-distance.