Top Three Protection Systems Make Fosjoas Self-Balancing Scooter the Safest Transport

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-10-10

Fosjoas is the vanguard in intelligent self-balancing scooters sector. Fosjoas electric scooter is highly praised as the most convenient and energy-saving transport because it relies on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balancing. Every control can be simply finished by slightly changing body state and intelligent chip can read the commands from riders promptly. More importantly, Fosjoas self-balancing scooter is the safest transport in the current market on the basis of top three protection systems.

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Speed limit protection system comes very first. It is well-known that the most accidents are caused by too fast speed. In order to avoid that, Fosjoas R&D team has set the maximum speed of self-balancing scooters. When the speed reaches 12km/h, the fore-end of pedals will rise slowly. However, once the speed gets to 16km/h, the rising angle is near 10 degrees, which prevents riders to speed up by leaning forward.

Low battery protection system, just as its name implies, can protect riders from being stuck halfway by dead battery. When the remaining battery is less than 15%, the four LEDs will flicker at the same time and the buzzer will ring constantly. In the meantime, the fore-end of pedals will also rise so as to force riders to slow down until stop. At this moment, don't restart the electric scooter, which will harm the battery and motor.

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Tilting protection system can protect the safety of both riders and scooter body to the best during the climbing process. The steeper the slope is, the bigger tilting angle between the electric unicycle high quality and horizontal line will be. Once the tilting angle of scooter is more than 45 degrees, the tilting protection system will start to work. Then, the motor will stop working immediately.