Fosjoas V2 Two-wheel Balancing Electric Scooter, Colorful Transport for Colourful Life

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-10-16

Fosjoas V2 is the scooter with various bright colours, which looks smart and youthful. Nowadays, the colourful electric scooter is the symbol of youth and energy, which caters for the appetites of the young with great popularity. The silicon protective pads of the body can be changed. This is a critical selling point for Fosjoas V2 self-balancing unicycle, since most riders want to customize their vehicles, the young also wants to be unique and different from others. The change of silicon pads can help them to show the personality.

The pedal of Fosjoas V2 is of round with smooth edge in case of scratches. Riders will not hurt their ankles even under the circumstances that the two-wheeled electric scooter inclines due to the emergency. Larger contact area of the pedals are also designed for riders, so they can stand on the pedal more stably and safety. Operating the pedals will be easier for the green hands to learn too. Fosjoas V2 is also equipped with shiny LED breath lights. The scooters and riders can be seen by automobiles and pedestrians even at night, this increases the safety of all the parties.

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Some people may wonder the self-balancing electric scooter will take a whole day to charge fully since lithium battery is not as powerful as the petrol. The truth is on the contrary, the imported Sony lithium battery can be charged in a short time. The electric quantity can be 80% after a 80 minutes charging. It takes only 2 hours to charge Fosjoas V2 fully.

Fosjoas V2 two-wheel balancing electric scooter also sets up protective mechanism for safe travel. The self-balancing electric scooter also sets the protective mechanism preventing sudden turnover of the vehicle. The scooter will not turn over even under the circumstance that it brakes in a sudden. When the speed is up to 12km/h, the limitation will be activated. The speed will not be higher no matter how the rider change his posture. The safety of riders can be improved greatly.

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Owning Fosjoas V2, the colorful transport, a colorful life will change the lifestyle.