Fosjoas V5 Twin-Wheeled Electric Scooter is the First Choice for Short-Distance Travel

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-11-18

Short-distance travel demands happen now and then in people's daily life, such as walking the dog in park, buying daily necessities in shop, taking the express delivery or attending family party in parents' house and so on. Such a transport must be convenient in use and concise in figure, and Fosjoas V5 self-balancing two wheel electric scooter is the best choice for short-distance travels.

Fosjoas V5 twin-wheeled self-balancing electric unicycle owns small figure and just weighs 11.1kg, but its maximum load capability is 120kg. That is to say, it can be ridden by average people, whether they are little kids or strong grown-ups. The two pedals are on both flanks and twin-wheeled design makes riders stand on the pedals easily.

Besides, based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, Fosjoas V5 twin-wheeled self-balancing electric unicycle can keep itself balanced automatically, which ensures relaxing riding. For instance, accelerating and decelerating can be easily finished by leaning body forward and backward slightly. Some elderly people who are taking exercise every day and have flexible limbs also can have a try on Fosjoas V5 twin-wheeled electric scooter.

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Compared with other small-sized transports, Fosjoas v5 twin-wheel self-balance electric scooter enjoys much better cost performance. First of all, it is equipped with 170Wh SONY lithium-ion battery, whose service life is several times longer than that of ordinary batteries. In the meantime, it only costs 1Kwh every 100km and it is so energy-saving.

Besides, the prices of Fosjoas v5 twin-wheel self-balance electric unicycle and high-end mountain bicycles are neck and neck. However, the application occasions of Fosjoas V5 are much wider than that of mountain bicycles. In addition, Fosjoas V5 puts the arduous task of environmental conservation into practice, which enjoys lofty social and economic significances. All in all, both people and society need Fosjoas V5 twin-wheeled scooter.