Fosjoas U1 Two Wheel Electric Scooter, The Christmas Gift for Teenagers

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-11-25

Fosjoas U1 two wheel electric scooter is the electric scooter without any pollution or emission, teenagers will not take in harmful materials.

Unlike the general scooter, Fosjoas U1 is equipped with a saddle for teenagers to sit on, which is more similar to bicycle, so teenagers can learn the skills of riding self-balancing electric scooter more steadily and safely. Teenagers just need to stand on the platform to choose sitting down or standing since the height of the saddle is adjustable.  

Fosjoas U1 is made of PC material which can resist water, scratches and chemical corrosion, the body can keep its shiny white colour for a long time. This is important to attract teenagers because most of them love product with pretty and elegant appearance. Fosjoas U1 can also be controlled by cell phone APP. Teenagers can start, lock, speed up and slow down the two-wheeled self-balance electric scooter through APP. The electricity quantity and the riding records can also be checked in the APP. This caters for the appetite of teenagers since they prefer to use cell phone which is convenient.

U1 mini electric unicycle

The imported lithium battery has 3.5 times longer life expectancy than the general one, which can make the self-balancing unicycle electric more powerful. The motor with famous brand can increase its efficiency by 50% and save the electricity greatly. Parents do not need to worry about the lack of electricity on the half way. The double battery boards design also takes safety into consideration, once one battery board is invalid, the other one can slow down the scooter gradually to reduce danger and increase safety.

With those features above, parent can buy Fosjoas U1 ad the Christmas gift for their teenagers. The electric scooters will be the good friends of teenagers to travel under the sunshine, which can lead teenagers a healthy and positive life and keep away from those addictive electronic products.