One day of Thomas with his FOSJOAS twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter V2

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-12-05

Moben Global Inc. rolled out one fantastic model of intelligent two wheel self balancing scooter-FOSJOAS V2.

The model of FOSJOAS leapt to fame overnight for its ease of use and high performance. Several of Thomas's friends bought them online. They all recommended it to Thomas and cited their personal experience of ride. Finally, they told Thomas into order one set of FOSJOAS V2 online. The day before yesterday, the model of electric self-balancing scooter FOSJOAS V2 ordered by Thomas online arrived at his home. Thomas opened the box, full of surprise.

FOSJOAS V2 is fairly user-friendly. Even though he is a beginner who had never be exposed to the intelligent self-balancing scooters, he will smoothly steer the twin-wheeled intelligent scooter after hour's practice. Thomas was a quite clever guy and it merely cost him a full two hour to learn it. From that day on, Thomas's life would change. He got leading a different life.

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Today, Thomas gets up at seven o'clock in the morning. He would get up earlier than today. Because the road to his workplace is seriously crowded. In the section of road, Thomas used to spend 20 min on waiting for the traffic to clear up with nothing today. Of course, he usually was late for work. The frequent lateness for work gnawed at him. He had wanted to skirt the section of road, but in vain.

Today, FOSJOAS V2 will help a lot. He comes up to the storage place to fetch FOSJOAS intelligent two wheel electric scooter V2 and lifts it by his right hand with ease. He goes up to the lift after locking the door. The model is so small that it can be took into the lift. The lift arriving on the ground, Thomas expertly jumped on the pedals of V2 and steer it. He zooms about and leaves his neighbourhood for the road to his workplace.