A personal ATV-FOSJOAS U3 double-wheels electric scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-06-01

Amongst these models of FOSJOAS, U3 standing electric scooter is positioned as the personal ATV. Indeed, the fact shows that it lives up to the exception. The FOSJOAS U3 standing up electric scooter is featured by its control shaft that is easy to store. FOSJOAS U3moves forward and backward by leaning riders’ body forward or backward and it turns directions with the different pressures applied by the riders’ feet on the platforms, or by the inclination of the steering bar on FOSJOAS U3 2-wheeled electric scooter.

Since FOSJOAS U3 eco-friendly electric scooter is touted as the personal ATV, it can be ridden on various road conditions. FOSJOAS U3 is good at passing tough terrains and steps. The ease of pass steps should be owed to his jumbo tyres. Moben Global Inc. adopts the branded and quality tyres which is famous for its high-quality tyres. Equipped with such high-quality tyres, any tough terrain will be no challenge to U3 2 wheel electric scooter.

big U3 balancing electric unicycle

The top speed of FOSJOAS U3 fast two wheel self balancing scooter reaches as much as 18 km/h. Once the speed reaches 16 km/h, the alarm system will remind the rider to slow down. This goes to prove the potent thrust and brilliant accelerated velocity. FOSJOAS exclusive fender holder is made of special aviation aluminium alloy being lighter and more durable with greater holding capacity to better meet the outdoor trip. Other than that, there is a comprehensive protection system, such as the speed control, low battery warning and tilting protection and so on to guarantee a safe and carefree riding.

In addition, the headlights and taillights make the FOSJOAS U3 2 wheel self-balancing electric scooter the perfect tools to move in lowlight conditions, while the LED display and the Bluetooth loudspeakers turn the riding experience into something truly unique.

This is your personal ATV-FOSJOAS U3 two wheel electric scooter unicycle.