Bosses Prefer To Those Who Never Is Late For Work And Be One of Those with Fosjoas Intelligent Power Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2017-08-16

Abstract: For the workers, the lateness for work is a big bugbear. There are always reasons or excuses of one or another sort. However, excuses are excuses. Even if it is plausible, your supervisor or boss will not forget and forgive you. Maybe you need to change the travel mode to say goodbye to the days of late for work, for instance Fosjoas mini self-balancing scooter.

electric walkcar

Bonnie is a white collar, working in an electrics firm 7 km away from her house. Each day she has to drive to work. Although the trip is not long, it usually takes her nearly one hour to arrive her firm from her house. The crowded traffic is the culprit. Especially in the rush hours, the traffic in the centre of city is so abysmal that it holds the traffic up for a long time. Just because of this serious traffic, Bonnie is feed up with the lateness. She is often dressed down by her supervisor for that. For now, she has bought one set of Fosjoas electric walkcar. In the trade fairs, the outstanding appearance of streamlined exterior and powerful interior always make it become the superstar.

With Fosjoas, Bonnie will not wait for the traffic to return to smooth. Even though she runs into the traffic jam in the centre of city, she could ride it on the pavement. Seeing the signal light turning light, she is eligible to pass the zebra line with other pedestrians. In terms of social function, it mitigates the dire traffic. For another, it brings a massive convenience to the riders like Bonnie. Every morning, Bonnie steers Fosjoas V9 self-balancing electric scooter to work. She says it is easy to ride. This is not as hard to ride as others describe. When she got it, she was able to steer it smoothly thanks to the two-wheel and handlebar. Built on one wheel scooter, the structure underwent a tiny change and was transformed into the two-wheeled structure, namely the current 2-wheeled electric scooter. This tiny change in structure is considered as a pioneering creation. Thanks to the 2-wheeled structure, Fosjoas makes sure the balance and strengthens the ease of use, enjoying great popularity.