Fosjoas U3 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Redefines the Work of Patrolling

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2017-08-16

Abstract: Nowadays, daily patrolling has been integrated with intelligence. When the new transport vehicle, electric self-balancing scooter appeared in the society, more and more companies choose it as a commuting tool. To meet the increasing needs of companies, the leading self-balancing scooter producer Fosjoas launched U3 SUV electric scooter.

The service feature of increasingly complex and heavy tasks and single patrolling outside and on-the-spot disposition determines that the patrol police must possess high intrinsic quality. In the era with high technological development, daily patrolling could be integrated with intelligence. Fosjoas U3 double-wheels electric scooter is customized for users in different industries. The robust power and excellent cruising ability make patrol more convenient.

double-wheels electric scooter

In the past, public security patrols on foot and contact with each other by radio communication. Due to the limit of some special circumstances, radio communication is banned in many situations. Now, with the help of Fosjoas U3 intelligent power scooter, the public security employers could arrive instantly at the scene. The vehicle offers the most efficient solution for short distance commuting. Fosjoas U3 is the recently released product. It inherits the consistent good quality of the S-series and refines some details in all-rounded way.

U3 has a motor with powerful performance. It is also installed with branded battery with largest capacity among all Fosjoas products. The 16-inch wheel hub and large tires make U3 more adaptable for outdoor work. It could conquer different road conditions. U3 could greatly enhance the efficiency of patrolling. Walking all day is an exhausting toil for security working staff. Riding U3 standing up electric scooter could save much labor and make them concentrate more on some unstable factors. The battery with large capacity will work for long time and riders will not worry about running out of power. It moves smoothly on any kind of roads and riders will feel comfortable. In case of emergency, riders could jump off the vehicle quickly. It is the best company for patrolling.

In the era with high technological development, each industry is introducing intelligent devices to improve working efficiency. Fosjoas U3 electric standing scooter not only improves working efficiency, but also adds much fun their daily boring paroling.