Tips for Learning to Ride Fosjoas Two-wheeled Electric Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-09-26

Abstract: Fosjoas self-balancing electric unicycle is a new kind of high-tech intelligent vehicle. If riders do not know safety operation before riding the electric scooter, unpredictable dangers are likely to occur. Therefore, green hands must learn how to ride the scooter first.

Fosjoas self-balancing electric scooter is new to many people as its working principle is totally different from that of traditional ones. Learning to ride the scooter is essential for rider's safety especially for green hands.

Before starting the journey, riders should first check the conditions of the electric scooter and then find open and flat space for trial riding. Then riders should adjust the height of the operation stick to ensure comfortable riding.

After pressing the start button, riders could stand on Fosjoas electric scooter and try to keep the body balanced.

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When the rider changes the body's center of gravity in the opposite direction, the electric scooter can decelerate. The newly developed Fosjoas K3 personal self-balancing electric scooter has built-in electronic braking system with stopping response time of 0.5s and stopping distance of 50m. Please remember that do not decelerate too fast especially on smooth roads in case of slipping and falling down.

If riders want to turn directions in motionless, they just need to turn the handlebar right or left. Meanwhile, if the riders turn the direction in motion, they need to lean forward the center of gravity slowly to keep it moving and lean the body to the direction of the electric scooter.

At last, if riders want to get off the scooter, please do not stop immediately. Instead, they need to hold the electric scooter for a while and do not turn the operation stick backward, which may cause it to move backward and is likely to hurt the leg.The green hand had better invite a helper standing beside to assist the movement.

In sum, these tips will make it easier to rider Fosjoas electric scooter.